Album Review: Sea Moss – “Bidet Dreaming”

This is an unusual album review for Durham Beat because it is not local. I wrote this piece in an abrupt and spontaneous whirl of inspiration, like an impassioned quickie in a punk show bathroom. That’s what I felt like I was doing while listening to Sea Moss’s new album, Bidet Dreaming. This album is dirty, riotous sex.

Lately, I have been listening to a lot of loud music. I have been hungry for it. I love noise. To satiate this lust for loudness, I put out a call to my friends via Instagram stories to “please send more noise” and received a great many links to metal albums. However, one person seemed to know exactly what I was looking for when he sent me a few “hot tips” to explore, including Sea Moss, who he said would be playing this Wednesday at Nightlight with a couple of local noise makers. I went to their bandcamp page and started listening from the top to the Portland, Oregon duo’s May 2019 release.

Much like spontaneous heated passion, Sea Moss wastes no time getting to the crux of things with their title-track opener. It’s pandemonium, y’all. 

By the time I get to track four, “Appease the peas, please” I am steeped in gritty, glorious chaos. What unadulterated lust this song is. A teasing, noisy and percussive opening soon erupts into sex in the middle of the dance floor. 

I can’t wait to dance at this show.

Speaking of teasing, let’s talk about “Fancy Shit,” the sixth track on the album. The drums come in first, deliberately stumbling into a beat over the course of many timed pauses, staggering the build up with coy precision. A great tease will tell you that timing is everything. And when the song finally comes crashing in, they hold nothing back. 

All together this album reads like James Joyce’s Dirty Love Letters to his wife. Highly recommended reading. 

Sea Moss will be joining two local acts, sister,brother and Distributed Systems, at Nightlight on Wednesday. I have a feeling it’s going to be a hell of a night. I will certainly be there to find out for myself.

Featured image is the cover of “Bidet Dreaming” by Sea Moss.