Album Review: Al Riggs – “We’re Safe But For How Long”

We’re Safe But for How Long presents itself with the opening track as a folk album with a wounded edge. As the snare fades on this track, I am struck by the depth of simplicity.

November” feel like leaves falling. Repetition of beats and textured sounds has a mesmerizing groove. The vocals lay on top, not afraid to be so out front, not afraid to be heard.

Hell yeah! “How to Make a Proper Fist”–the noise, the noise that hides a clean guitar and frames the the reverb heavy vocals. Harmonies and crunchy sounds with keys/synth creeping in and out, give me more!

At the heart of the album I get the sense that Al Riggs is not afraid. The vocals and lyrics are hung out, wide open. To sing like this, alone, vulnerable above the mix would scare the shit out of a lot of musicians. I have to admit I was unnerved a little at first, however with repeated listens I was drawn to the sound of his voice, its imperfections and warmth.

I want this on vinyl for the next stretch of rainy days.

How I want to listen to this album:
On a cold rainy day, on my front porch, windows open, in order to hear the music playing inside,  with a Ponysaurus Export Stout in hand.

Featured image courtesy of Al Riggs.