Album Review: Flash Car – “Wardrobe”

Wardrobe, the new album from Carrboro band Flash Car, is a true soundtrack to a reckless summer of fun.

The opening song, “Pollen,” plays like a car chase.  Metronoming drum beat, Hammond B-3 sounding keys, and lush vocals weave a rich wall of sound. The line “Come on let’s go” is  an invitation to what awaits on the rest of the album. A perfect pick for the opening track!

Lady, Lady” has a bright, Brit pop feel, harmonies, inflection and all.  

Thanks to the third track “My Mailman” I will never be able to look at my mailman the same way.  “He’s just talking on the phone, cause you know he’s got better things to do”! Great backing vocals and smooth, catchy guitar leads.

The album continues on holding true to a summer vibe. The vocal, guitar, and instrument production pulls everything together, while the songs are crafted in a way that draws you in.

On the surface the album has an ultra-clean sound, but underneath some of the cuts are beautifully crafted and tempered noise.  

Right from the start “Fool” hits with a little 50’s vocals then slides a little beach sound your way.

On my first listen, “Lonely Soul” seemed out of place with the rest of the album. As I listened to the song more, I got it. It’s a little breather before the final track. Maybe if the Flaming Lips had been asked to record a song for the movie “Jackie Brown” this is what they would have done.

This is a solid album through and through. As I sit listening to the opening track again I can’t stop bobbing my head. I wish I had this playing when the police arrived in front of my house during a rowdy 4th of July gathering.

I will be looking to see Flash Car live.

How I want to listen to this album:

I want to be followed while riding my bike by a car blasting the album so I can hear it. I’ll hit Sam’s pick up a 4-pack of Cloud Surfer (Trophy Brewing) head home and start the album over while killing that beer.

Featured picture courtesy of Flash Car. Album art by Evan Crankshaw. See his work HERE.