A Few Words About Live Writing

Live writing is an experiment in writing as a performance art. A natural evolution of Gonzo Journalism, live writing forces raw reactions and unfiltered thoughts, all being shared through the mechanism of social media as the night unfolds. It is an inherently organic performance in which the writer invites the reader into the writing process itself, and into the experience of covering a live event as a journalist.

Of course, live writing isn’t only what you see on our social media. You will often find us, The Editor especially, out and about writing in public, making the words you will eventually read. Writing out in the world serves many functions. Exposure to the daily ruckus of the colliding lives of the people who live and work and toil in your own city is certainly a well of potential content. Real life often seeds the best ideas.

More than that though, it’s the noise. You might wonder, ‘how can you possibly hear yourself think?!’ Well, that’s just it. Being immersed in other sounds forces the writer to focus only on their own voice. Immersion has many benefits but none more so than learning how to hear yourself amidst the noise of others. This is where authenticity lives. Take away that which is not of you and what remains is what you mean to say.