MOOGFEST: The Staff Picks, Must-See Acts

Yes, we’re going to be at Moogfest this year! We will be covering as many of the local participants as possible LIVE on social media while we are there on the ground. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to stay up with the latest. We’ll be rolling out a bunch of #postfest compilations and writeups for you too. Stay tuned as well for a BIG SPREAD we’re doing on noisepunk duo, Durham’s own sister,brother

In addition to the local coverage, the whole staff put together some choices for y’all. Each of us sat down on our own and sorted through the entire Moog schedule. Here’s what us individuals came up with as our must-see acts.

Zoe Carmichael, Staff Writer

Building Your Own Synthesizer
Thursday, May 17th, 3:30PM, Full Frame Theatre

For me, it would be a refresher course on the ins and outs of a synth. If all goes well, I’ll be able to build my own as a new hobby.

Looping 101
Friday, May 18th, 2PM, Art Institute Room

Instructor Annie Hart of Au Revoir Simone will be running a workshop on how to loop using synths and pedals. I already know how to use a loop pedal, but the experience of creating something new with strangers is always fun. It’s at capacity, but the wait list isn’t too bad.

Black Granular Narratives: The Level of Detail Necessary for Black Survival In America
Saturday, May 19th, 2PM, Art Institute Room

I’m intrigued by the term “industrial poetry” and curious to witness it for myself. Sadly, it’s at capacity, and the wait list is long.

Vinyl DJ 101 **(Free, open to the public)
Saturday, May 19th, 3PM, The Durham Hotel

How-to workshop from pro Emma Olson about DJing with vinyl. It would be brand-new to me, and I think it would be cool to learn from a legend.

Psychic TV
Saturday, May 19th, 8PM, The Carolina Theatre

They’re a UK multimedia psych-punk-noise collective that’s been around since the 80s. It’s gonna get weird. I can’t wait!

The Hidden History of the Synthesizer
Sunday, May 20th, 2PM, Full Frame Theatre

Excited to go to this discussion. I love history and I love synths. Who knows–maybe I’ll learn something new!

Matia Guardabascio, The Editor

Frivolous Metal
Thursday-Saturday May 17-19th, 4PM, 21c Museum & Hotel

Participate in live art? Three chances to do it? Yes please.

Ralph Steadman **(Free, open to the public)
Thursday-Sunday, May 17-20, 10AM-6PM, American Tobacco Campus Bay 7

I’ll be starting my day with this. Every single day. What an incredible opportunity. If you miss this exhibit, then you’re fucking up.

Thursday, May 17th, 5:30PM, Pinhook

One of the best local acts participating in Moog this year. I wouldn’t miss this for the world. Not only am I preparing a huge spread on them in our preview coverage (stay tuned!), I’ll also be covering this set live on our social media. Even if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. They’re going to kill it. Come to this set.

Listen HERE.

Thursday, May 17th, 8PM, Motorco

Indescribably intense, devastatingly dazzling, sensational beauteous vocals, a fantastical afrofuturist Philadelphia-based femme as fuck genre-warping goddess. DAMN.

Listen HERE.

Startups of the Future & Business Creativity
Friday, May 18th, 5PM, American Underground Bullpen

A conversation for me to nerd out over and, you know, learn some helpful things for my own little start-up…

Gavin Rayna Russom
Friday, May 18th, 10PM, Pinhook

In addition to participating in the LGBTQ Community Meetup on Thursday AND the “No More White Presidents” screening on Friday, Gavin Rayna Russom–most widely known as a member of LCD Soundsystem–will be doing a solo set at Pinhook that is going to be… transcendent. Can’t wait.

Saturday, May 19th, 10:45PM, Carolina Theatre Fletcher Hall

Class convened. Go learn from the teacha. Hip-hop legend and pioneer. One of the best living lyricists of our time.

Larry Jones, Staff Photographer

Ralph Steadman **(Free, open to the public)
Thursday-Sunday, May 17-20, 10AM-6PM, American Tobacco Campus Bay 7

A very talented and prolific artist who hung out with Hunter S. Thompson. Need I go further?

Any and all events featuring Raund Haus **(Free, open to the public)

This is Durham’s local beat collective and they are blowing up!! I have a lot of respect for these talented musicians, producers, and artists. Show some love for the local art scene.

Listen HERE.

Spatial Sound: Shabazz Palaces
Thursday, May 17th, 3PM, The Armory

Ishmael Butler has been one of my favorite musicians for years and I’d be curious to hear his thoughts on music production and breaking away from known trends to make something wholly new and original,  which he is very known for doing himself.

Thursday, May 17th, 11PM, Carolina Theatre Fletcher Hall

Mixing 90’s R&B with modern atmospheric electronic tones is a match made in heaven and Kelela does it oh so well.

Friday, May 18th, 9:30PM, Motorco

Harsh and raw as hell! If you’re into weird sonic tones and music that makes you slightly on edge then is is perfect for you.

Stephen Mullaney, Contributor

“….these borders that hold me down…” ** (Free Event, open to the public)
Friday, May 18th, 3pm, von der Hayden Theater (2020 Campus Drive)

We are living in a time of accelerated division. People, governments, and organizations seem to be looking for the magic bullet to exploit and exclude at the same time. Sounds kinda “batshit crazy” right?  Well read the news, listen to conversations, and talk to your neighbors that don’t look like you and you will get the picture.

“…these borders that hold me down….” is a must attend if you want to get a deeper understanding of what is driving politics, marketing, and life. If you walk out unchanged you probably aren’t listening.

Genevieve Palmer, Staff Writer

Raund Haus Stage: Dogzamm, RGB, Sunset Palette, OG Senpaiii, Trandle, Slums
Friday, May 18th, 4PM-7PM, Parts & Labor 

I saw Oak City Slums at Shakori Hills last year, and let me tell you, this DJ is ridiculous. Also a great drummer (follow his Instagram, @oakcityslums).

Raund Haus Stage: Gemynii
Friday, May 18th, 11:59PM-1:30AM, Parts & Labor

As a Gemini, I have to endorse Gemynii. Fantastic DJ and instigator of some good times at the Pinhook…

Saturday, May 19th, 10:45PM-12AM, Carolina Theatre Fletcher Hall

You have an opportunity to get Taught. Don’t miss your opportunity (I won’t).

Fatima Al Qadiri
Saturday, May 19th, 11PM-12:15AM, Motorco Music Hall

This might be the queerest coolest artist I’ve ever heard of, incredible music, definitely a must-see.

Izabel Rader, Contributor

Jamila Woods
Thursday, May 17th, 9:30PM, Carolina Theatre

Jamila Woods is a poet, lyricist, r&b badass. Her vocals are always effortless, soulful, jazzy and (at times) quite philosophical. She always tends to put me in a state of emotional bliss.

Featured image courtesy of Moogfest.