Budget Beer: Genesee Cream Ale

Brewery: Genesee Brewing Company
Beer: Genesee Cream Ale
ABV: 5.1%

I stopped by Sam’s Quik Shop to wish a happy birthday to a good friend. He was running late and I was running early, so I grabbed a 24oz can of Genny Cream and sat down to crank out some writing while I waited. I put on my headphones and entered into my infamous “reclusive in public” mode.

Genesee Cream Ale is an all-around light beer. As you can see by the featured picture for this story, it is so light that you can see the people sitting across from me through the beer. Genny Cream has no discernible smell–at least not while it’s cold and fresh. It is a bit more malty (and sweeter) than a lot of budget beers, excluding, of course, malt liquor. Genny pours out nicely, always with a foamy head and a crisp first sip, owing to its particularly high carbonation.

At 5.1% ABV, it is very easy to toss a few of these back on a hot day. The budget quality of this beer is better than that of some budget beer staples like PBR (4.74% ABV), National Bohemian (4.52%), and Miller High Life (4.6%). At Sam’s Quik Shop–my go-to Durham beer hangout–Genny cream goes for $1.18 for a 24oz can. After tax, that’s $1.28. That’s roughly 5.3 cents per ounce. Not bad, eh?

On the can itself, the ABV isn’t listed, however. In North Carolina, beers under 6% ABV are not required to indicate the ABV. I must admit though, I was a bit surprised to learn Genny was above 5% (barely). Taking into account the ABV and the $1.28 price (including tax), Genesee Cream Ale makes for a top notch budget buy.

If you’re just looking for a cold one and want to save yourself the trouble of navigating a craft beer menu, then drop less that $1.50 and give old Genny a try.